Grunske’s Local Seafood Free Range Omelette
Free range eggs, sea scallops, local wild caught prawns, Moreton Bay bug sautéd with garden fresh shallots & freshly grated mozzarella cheese with lightly toasted sour dough

Three Cheese Free Range Three Egg Omelette
Free range eggs, smoky bacon, cheese, tomato, mushroom, spinach, and lightly toasted sour dough

Smoked Mackerel Infused Free Range Eggs
Red Iron Bark hot smoked Spanish mackerel infused scrambled free range eggs with fried capers, and freshly grated mozzarella cheese, with lightly toasted sour dough

Free Range Eggs
Two poached, scrambled or fried eggs with lightly toasted sour dough

Big Breakfast
Thick cut smoky bacon, mini Wagyu steak, Grunske’s own hash brown, free range eggs, grilled mushrooms, and a side of tomato & onion gravy and lightly toasted sour dough

Fish Cakes
Two house made fish cakes with tartare sauce and two free range poached eggs, served with lightly toasted sour dough

Brookfarm Muesli
Macadamia, apricot toasted muesli with natural yoghurt & local open forest bush honey with milk on the side

Pancakes – with maple syrup and ice cream
Plain – $9.50    
Berry – $11.50 coloured-swirls

Extras are an “add on” and cannot be ordered seaparetly

Mushrooms $3.50
Avocado $3.50
Gluten Free Toast $2.00
Tomato & Onion Gravy $3.50
Raisin Toast (2 slices) $6.00

Free Range Egg $3.50
Grunske’s Hash Brown $4.00
Sour Dough Toast $2.50
Sausage $3.50

Bacon $3.50
Smoked Tassie Salmon $5.50
Grilled Tomato $2.50