1/2 Shell Pacific Oysters
Natural or Kilpatrick
$26.90 (12)
$17.90 (6) 

1/2 Shell New Zealand Jumbo Oysters
Natural or Kilpatrick
$33.50 (12)
$24.50 (6)

1/2 Shell Sea Scallops
Grilled with garlic butter or steamed with soy, ginger & chilli
$26.90 (12)
$17.90 (6) 

Fresh Local Prawn Plate 
Local, wild caught prawns with house made seafood sauce 

Trio of Skewers
Premium beef skewer, local Bundaberg sea scallop skewer & local prawn skewer served with Grunske’s dipping sauce

Trio Tasting Plate (for 2)
See the daily specials for the current choices 

Trio House Made Dips
PA seasonal selection of dips served with toasted Turkish bread

Local Seafood Skewers (2)
Local, wild caught prawns, sea scallops and Moreton Bay bug tail, grilled with garlic butter and served with a creamy garlic sauce on the side

Garlic Pizza Bread

Fresh Local Prawn Cocktail
Local cooked peeled prawns served with house made seafood sauce