1/2 Shell Pacific Oysters
Natural, Kilpatrick or Mornay
$27.90 (12)
$17.90 (6)

1/2 Shell New Zealand Jumbo Oysters
Natural, Kilpatrick or Mornay
$34.90 (12)
$24.90 (6)

1/2 Shell Sea Scallops
Grilled with garlic butter, Kilpatrick sauce or Mornay
$27.90 (12)
$17.90 (6)

Fresh Local Prawn Plate (GF)
Local, wild caught prawns with house made seafood sauce 

Trio Tasting Plate (for 2)
See the daily specials for the current choices 

Salt & Pepper Squid (GF)
With a side of house made garlic aioli  

Prawn Cocktail (GF)
Local cooked seasonal prawns served with fresh lettuce & house made seafood sauce 

Local Prawn & Scallop Skewers (2) (GF)
Local, wild caught prawns & Hervey Bay sea scallops. Grilled and served with a creamy garlic sauce on the side

Three Cheese Pesto Pizza Bread
Three cheese pizza bread with fresh basil pesto, baby spinach and a balsamic vinegar glaze (6 slices)

Garlic Pizza Bread
Pizza bread with fresh roasted garlic butter and three cheese blend (6 slices)